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The modern, flexible car solution
Membership is the new ownership
On-demand, hassle-free car access... only when you need it. Your car on yourterms.
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Not just any car — always get your car, tailored to you, every time.
We care for the planet and people by sharing a fleet of hybrids, using natural cleaning products, and paying our team living wages.
Zero Hassle
We deliver and pick up the car every time and take care of insurance, maintenance, cleaning, parking, and refueling for you.
Swap between a hybrid RAV4 and Prius, and adjust your monthly membership as needed with no longterm commitment.
A car that’s yours at up to 70% less than the cost of leasing, parking, and insuring one.
How it works
Join Upshift
Pick your membership plan and fill out a few details. Our plans give you the flexibility you need and none of the other stuff.
Book a car and go
Book a car for now or later this month, and find it parked outside when you’re ready to go. Same car, every time.
Park and forget
Done with your car? Park it anywhere in our service area where it can remain for at least an hour and walk away. We’ll take care of the rest.
Most of us spend more time dealing with car ownership than actually using our cars. Enjoy all the benefits of having a car when you need it, without the hassles. Insurance, maintenance, parking, and cleaning? On us. Just let us know when you want the car and walk away when you’re done.
Your own car without, well, all the headaches of car ownership
Hitting the powder or the waves? We’ll add snow chains or a surfboard rack and lock box at no extra cost. Taking Fido for a ride? We’ll include a special seat cover. And for two-wheeled adventures, just fold down the seats and throw your bike in. (That’s how our concierges get home after delivering your car.)
Everything you need / Your car, tailored to your needs
Whether you’re going to the office a few times a week or have errands and a hiking trip, we have a membership plan for you — and all for less than a monthly garage space or leasing contract. And you can always upgrade, downgrade, or add an extra day.
Membership plans that are right for you
The Upshift promise
Our city
Street parking in San Francisco takes up as much space as Golden Gate Park. Reducing the number of cars gives those spaces back to people and makes our neighborhoods greener and safer (including more bike lanes for our concierges!).
Our people
We clean and sanitize our cars exclusively with natural, chemical-free cleaning products. Our concierges are Upshift employees, not contractors, and we pay them living wages and benefits.
Our planet
Cars are a huge source of pollution — when they’re driven, produced, and junked. By sharing hybrid cars and using them only when you need to, together we’re reducing cars and pollution by two-thirds.
Since becoming a monthly subscriber, I feel like I have my car back again. Like I own a car without the worries or cost of keeping it around all the time.
Fast and incredibly convenient!
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